Mar. 6th, 2006

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A great weekend, met a number of friends, and some new people at a Gather in London on Saturday where we all went to the Natural History museum (22 of us!) It was fun, even though i didn't get to see the dinosaurs because the queue for the dinosaur exhibit was huge! Also didn't get to see the blue whale either, but that can be done some other time.
The only really annoying thing was finding out that the giant squid exhibit was not in the regular museum section, but part of a "Behind the scenes" tour, which is fully booked until April!! That was one of the reasons why we all chose the Natural History museum over the science museum :( Unfortunately we didin't find out about this until it was too late. Still, a good time was had by all, even though we were late arriving because most of the Picadilly line was closed for maintenance.
After we left the museum at around 5.30, it was decided to go for food in one of the pubs in Gloucester Road. We found one and managed to get all of us inside, although most had to stand as there were not enough seats for everyone. The pub was very loud though, and crowded, so we moved on and found a nice pub called The Hereford which was quieter, less crowded, and had rather more room, so we all sat down at the tables and checked out the menu, (and for four of us - the guest ale: A very nice ale called Batemans Valiant). Everyone ordered food. i had the lasagne, which was delicious!!!
After the pub everyone said their goodbyes, and a small group of us travelled back to my friend Tal's place to crash for the night.
Sunday, got up nice and late, and did nothing most of the afternoon, then headed into London to the Forum in Kentish Town with Tal, G'leth, and Azhreia, to see Lacuna Coil in concert. We joined the seemingly neverending queue which ran around the side of the building, along the road to the next building, then doubled back on itself!
Eventually we got in, and queued up for the merchandise stand, and bought t-shirts, then headed to the bar for a drink and watched the support band, a band called "Deathstar", who were actually very good, and put on a good show, and made me laugh when the lead singer claimed that they were the Victoria Beckham of music! They actually had a fair amount of fans supporting them all dressed up in the t-shirts and some of them wearing the same hats as the lead singer did.
Then it was the turn of Lacuna Coil, and they came out to massive applause, and put on an amazing show, showcasing some of the songs from their forthcoming album, which will be out in April! (i can't wait, especially after hearing the new songs!)
They also did an amazing cover of Depeche Mode's "Enjoy The Silence", which everybody seemed to really like. After the band had finished we were just chatting and putting our coats, gloves and scarves back on before the trek out into the cold London night, when a camera crew, who had been filming some of the concert, came over to ask us what we thought of the concert, and specifically asked a few questions of G'leth and Azhreia, and were especially interested when Azhreia mentioned that she had just come over from Australia to see the band. We kind of expect that to appear in some promo for the band, or hopefully on a dvd at some point!
Got back to Tal's late and had a nice sleep, then got up this morning, and wrote this entry!

Will be heading back home today to reformat my computer and re-install everything, as it kind of...had an issue Thursday night, meaning i can only boot up in Safe Mode. Still, at least i have my trusty ancient laptop to write this entry.

i may update again later when i'm back home, and my computer is back in full working order...


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