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What Makes You Purr? by bluemystique82
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You purr when:you play dead
You as a kitten:
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Well, i am actually updating this thing again :)

Not much to say, just that my brother and his girlfriend went on holiday to Antigua, and he came back last week after asking her to marry him when they were out there, and she said yes, so that's cool news (and about time too!)

He has asked me to be his best man, so that's cool, and i'm very happy about that :)

Luckily the wedding day is not until August 2006 so i have plenty of time to sort out the "best-man" things like speeches and stag night and whatever else i will have to do.

In other news i am taking 2 weeks holiday starting at the end of this week, so i CANNOT wait!!! 2 weeks to relax and "not be at work"! *bounces*
Nothing planned, except the middle weekend is my university re-union, which will be fun, especially as it's 10 years since we all met for the first time, so we are doing something special and booking a weekend away in a house in Wales. A place called The Coach House, in Glansevin:

Luckily there is about 12 of us going, so we split the cost between us which makes it relatively cheap per person.

Anyway, that's the update for today :)
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Well, that was a very nice weekend!

Warning - VERY long )

So anyway, that was my weekend - Sorry it was so long - i've probably forgotten to mention stuff, but i'm sure the one, or maybe two people that decided to read this entry have probably fallen asleep long ago, so it doesn't really matter.

Amused :)

Jul. 30th, 2004 07:16 pm
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How far would LJ friends go with you---sexually?
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Jul. 2nd, 2004 10:57 pm
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Which Doctor Who are you?

this quiz was made by Auntie Krizu(:>)

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1. Give me a nickname and explain why you picked it.
2. Am I lovable?
3. How long have you known me?
4. When and how did we first meet?
5. What was your first impression?
6. Do you still think that way about me now?
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9. What makes me happy?
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12. If you could give me anything what would it be?
13. How well do you know me?
14. When was the last time you saw me?
15. Ever wanted to tell me something but couldn't?
16. Do you think I could kill someone?
17. Describe me in one word.
18. Do you think our friendship is getting stronger/weaker/staying the same?
19. Do you feel that you could talk to me about anything and I would listen?
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21. Would you sex me up like I have never been sexed up before? When?
22. My place or yours?
23. Would you buy me Guinness or Jagermeister?

Hehe :)

Mar. 31st, 2004 06:01 pm
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Who will you be stuck with at end of time? by chi_a_baidh
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Everyone should listen to this song - if they can find it anywhere :)

Tenhi - Lauluni Sinulle

i first heard the song 2 days ago, and it's been on repeat play on winamp ever since!

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Your wings are BROKEN and tattered. You are
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Follow this link to the best (and definitely funniest) review of Lord Of The Rings:The Return Of The King :)
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Well, tomorrow i'm off up to Birmingham for a University re-union - it's been three years since the last re-union, and it will be good to see everyone again.
Only drawback is having to get up early on Saturday morning to get the National Express coach :(

i'll be back Sunday night, and will try to remember to update this journal to let you all know how it went :)

P.S. i love this song :)
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To those that don't know: Myself, and friends Tal, G'leth and Stormy went to see Evanescence live at the Hammersmith Apollo on Sat. November 8th, and i took lots of pictures (47 in fact).

Well, i've finally gotten around to the slow tedious process of re-sizing all 28 "usable" pics, and uploading them to my website and creating a small webpage to link to them.
So please excuse my lack of html knowledge, which explains the incredibly basic design of the page.

And now, without further ado... the link you have all been waiting for...

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I'm trying to get all my Livejournal friends' locations plotted on a map - please add your location starting with this form.
(Then get your friends to!)
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The Evanescence tickets that i ordered back in July have finally arrived!!!!!! (with only 9 days to go until the actual concert - i was begining to get a little concerned!)

But they arrived today, and that's GOOD!!!!!!!

i can't wait until next Saturday!!!!!!

*bounces around the room happily*

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My LiveJournal Trick-or-Treat Haul
Joeyeah_right goes trick-or-treating, dressed up as The Crow.
annzah tricks you! You get a thumbtack.
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gleth gives you 17 red-orange lemon-flavoured pieces of bubblegum.
rjtremor tricks you! You lose 42 pieces of candy!
sams gives you 18 light orange cinnamon-flavoured pieces of taffy.
stormys gives you 19 red root beer-flavoured miniature candy bars.
taldragon gives you 1 green cinnamon-flavoured jelly beans.
tangledup tricks you! You get a broken balloon.
Joeyeah_right ends up with 39 pieces of candy, a thumbtack, and a broken balloon.
Go trick-or-treating! Username:
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