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Well, i guess i should update this thing.

...waits for those people who have fainted to regain consciousness...

i don't know what to say...i never really do when i try to update this thing. i suppose i have had news enough for an update, but i never consider it exciting enough to write down, so i tend to not bother.

Ok, where to start. i have been promoted at work. My boss handed in his resignation, and i and another person applied internally for his job, and i got it. Now i am the Manager of the datacapture department of the company i work for. Pay increase = good! The fact that i can now put "Manager" on my C.V (resumé) = good too! More responsibility = not so good, but it's ok so far. i have been in the job for nearly 4 weeks, although for the first 2 weeks my boss was showing me the ropes before he left, so i was able to find out a lot of stuff about the job. It's not like i was just dumped in at the deep end, so that's ok.

What else...Hmm...

Well, i spent last saturday with my girlfriend Laura in London. We went around Notting Hill (which is a part of London i have never been before, so that was good, also the fact that there are a lot of shops which sell cheap second hand DVDs, videos, and books/comics, so we spent a lot of time in these places :)

The only hard part is that Laura (my girlfriend) lives in Lewes, and i live in Cirencester - which is 120 miles apart, so we don't get to see each other often, but on the plus side, we make the most of the time we get to spend together, whether it is when i travel to Lewes, or when we meet in London.

Umm... Oh, i bought another guitar from Ebay recently (6 weeks ago), and it is SO amazing, i LOVE the sound of it. So that takes my tally of guitars to six now (one acoustic - an ovation copy, one Peavy 5-string bass, and 4 electric guitars- 1 Fender telecaster, 1 stratocaster copy, 1 cheap BC Rich Warlock, and now my new baby, my De-Armond M75-T which looks great and sounds great and i love it!)

Anyway, whilst everyone is falling asleep reading my boring update, i shall go.

i'll hopefully write another update soon...well, sometime this decade.
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